You guys, we’re learning together that if “she reads Truth” in the morning, the rest of her day can be lived in freedom as a thirst-quenched daughter who is fresh from an encounter with her God—with the God of the Universe.
From these sacred encounters we will likely go forward into days and lives that assault us with all sorts of lies, but we have begun our days in TRUTH. And I know you know, the Truth sets us FREE! On the Truth we can stand firm.

Join the bible study that is starting today with the She Reads Truth app! We are digging into 1&2 Peter for the next 24 days.

I am doing it also, and would love to hear your thoughts and prayers throughout this bible study. I want my blog to be a place where we can share Gods truth and wrestle with how to apply it to our everyday lives. So feel free to send me your thoughts, struggles, prayers and praises!!

Can’t wait to hear about it! God bless!


Love you Deanna .. So proud to call you my friend, pastor and inspiration with your strength I honor you! Michelle in Germany you are my Aunt Shannon’s sister .. I don’t really know you well but today I honor you in my walk for the cure. And Sandy I honor you.. Thank you for being my friend, when I first started going to BCC you were so kind to my mom and I. Also to all the other women and men who have survived and are battling breast cancer. #susangkomen #pink #walkforthecure

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